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 While exploring the Draa region and further to the south the Sahara, an incredulous splendor and beauty will be revealed. From one landscape to another forests of acacia and tamarisk  alternate with  bare Hamada covered with stones blackened by the infernal summer heat. Passing by the beautiful sand dunes of Tinfou, M’hamid, Laabidlia and Bougarn we finally cross a bare, desertical area to    reach Ch’gaga where we find the highest and largest stretch of dunes,  a mere 30 kms in length.  Those who explore this region by camel or 4x4 wil learn to appreciate the peacefulness, purity and sanity of the desert!
To Join Zagora city:
- 13 km from the airport of Zagora
- 160 km from the airport of Ouarzazate
- 360 km from Marrakech
The Draa Valley is spread over a long green belt of date palms and fruit trees, the most important means of income to the Draoui population. Its’ second economic potential lies in tourism because the region has a very rich and ancient culture, still alive in over 100 kasbahs and ksours, oases and palm groves stretching  over a lenghth of 200 kms,  countless historic monuments, prehistoric rock drawings and religious Moussems organized by the Zawiyas. The rich variety in folk art still present proves the diversity of ethnic groups that have lived in the valley, like Berbers, Africans, Arabs…
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